Behold the imposing awesomeness of the world’s first zombie-proof house!

When it comes to making a final stand against the hordes of the risen dead, practicality is paramount. Function must trump form if you want to avoid having your face chewed like an undercooked steak. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics, and there’s certainly nothing that says you can’t have a nice view while you await the undead apocalypse.

Designed by Polish firm KWK Promes, the “Safe House” features an indoor swimming pool, a large, covered patio, a window-wall that opens onto a spacious second-floor balcony and provides a wonderful view, and a modern, attractive open-concept design. And when the zombies come, the whole thing essentially folds up into a giant, impenetrable block of concrete accessible only through a second-floor entrance protected by a rising drawbridge.
“The most essential item for our clients was acquiring the feeling of maximum security,” the company wrote on its webpage, and it’s not kidding. You nuke this place from orbit and maybe you’ll get a peek inside, but anything less than that and you’re probably just going to muss up the paint job. Of course, the ultimate anti-zombie abode isn’t complete unless there’s enough room in the basement for a multi-year supply of freeze-dried food and a couple of minigun emplacements on the roof, but this, I think, is a very good start.

Source: All That Is Interesting

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