The Alien prequel has been christened Paradise, and will begin production in early March 2011.

Ridley Scott, director of the 1979 classic Alien, has been attached to “Ridley Scott’s Unnamed Alien Prequel” for a while now, but we can now refer to the film by its real title. Paradise will take the Alien franchise back to its roots, people dying one by one at the hands of a big scary alien. There was talk of production being pushed back a few years, but the film is now set to begin production in early March 2011.

The shifts in the filming schedule are reportedly Leonardo DiCapiro’s fault. Scott was attempting to cast the Inception actor, and was considering pushing Paradise back to accommodate the actor’s schedule, as DiCaprio is already set to film a J. Edgar Hoover biopic with Clint Eastwood. The Paradise schedule as announced makes it look like DiCaprio isn’t attached to the project.

In other rumored casting news, Vulture reports “Noomi Rapace has been the front-runner for the role of ‘Elizabeth Shaw,’ the film’s main character,” and that casting has stalled for the role of “‘David,’ who’s actually an android, an earlier version of the Bishop 341-B character that Lance Henriksen famously played in Aliens.” Scott was reportedly looking at Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds, Jonah Hex) to fill the role, but the actor proved too expensive for Scott’s as-yet-unspecified budget.

Source: Vulture, via The A.V. Club


The Senior Vice-President for Corporate Communications at 20th Century Fox has denied everything Vulture reported yesterday. VP Chris Petrikin recently tweeted, “I don’t know where to begin to correct what is being written about a certain Ridley Scott project…,” and followed with an outright denial that the film will be called Paradise. The Playlist is calling all of Vulture’s casting rumors false, but every source reporting any news on this film is citing “a source,” or “an insider.” It appears that no substantive news exists on the Alien prequel except that it is an Alien prequel, and Ridley Scott is behind it.

Source:The Playlist

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