River City Ransom: Underground reaches Kickstarter success with two days to go.

River City Ransom: Underground has reached its Kickstarter funding goal today, with just two days to spare. Developer Conatus Creative is asking for $180,000 Canadian (that’s just over $174,000 USD) to bring the game to PC. The drive for the officially licensed sequel has raised $186,481 Canadian with 48 hours left on the clock.

Last week we expressed concern that the team wouldn’t hit their goal: The drive was $19,000 short going into its last leg just a few days ago.

Conatus Creative will bring the game to Mac and Linux if they manage to reach $205,000 in the next couple of days. The Kickstarter does have stretch goals to bring the game to other platforms, including PS4 and Xbox One, but they seem unlikely given the funding rate so far.

Source: Kickstarter

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