Road 96 is a procedural story-driven game developed and published by DigixArt. It’s the summer of 1996 in the fictional country of Petria, and there is a political divide over a rapidly approaching election. You play as a multitude of “missing teens” heading north to the border to escape. With limited energy and resources, it’s up to you to travel along Road 96, forge new relationships, and scrap your way out of sticky situations to survive. With multiple ongoing stories, learning skills, and secrets to discover, no two experiences feel the same. Prepare to walk, hitchhike, catch a bus, and way more as you travel.

The game can be a bumpy or smooth road depending on expectations. If you’re into choosing your adventure style and investing in unique backstories, you will have a smooth drive. However, if you’re not driven by the political drama and minigames that aren’t challenging, perhaps stay clear from Road 96 entirely.

Road 96 is available now on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games Store for $19.96.

Watch our full Review in 3 Minutes for Road 96.


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