Robin Williams’ World of Warcraft Tribute Is Magical


A touching tribute to the late actor Robin Williams has now appeared in World of Warcraft.

Less than 24 hours after the famed actor and comedian’s death, a petition to create a tribute character memorializing Robin Williams in World of Warcraft had gathered over 11,000 signatures. Three possible tribute NPCs were spotted by Wowhead last month in a Warlords of Draenor beta build. The three NPCs were a djinn, a human male, and human female, which fans speculated were homages to Aladdin‘s Genie, Mork, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Now, the djinn tribute has been found in-game. Named Robin, the djinn is summoned by rubbing the Ever-Burning Lamp. Once he appears, he exclaims “Infinite cosmic power!” and then shrinks, adding, “Itty bitty living space.” The NPC is located on an island near Talador in the upcoming expansion.

Williams was a hardcore gamer, who played World of Warcraft and kept his account name secret. The petition for the tribute, led by Jacob Holgate, declared victory on its first day. “In less than twenty four hours we’ve earned eleven thousand signatures, a huge amount of traction on many gaming and new outlets, as well as assurance from Blizzard employees that our desire for a Robin Williams tribute and or NPC will be handled with great care,” wrote Holgate. Blizzard Entertainment has not made an official announcement about the tribute.

Source: Kotaku

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