Rock Band Vid Lands Librarians In Trouble


Some Nebraska librarians have gotten in trouble for posting a YouTube video of themselves playing Rock Band.

The offending video, found by “a taxpayer,” featured the librarians setting up a PlayStation 2, then playing Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution. Upon finding such damning evidence, the concerned citizen reported it to their council and an eleven page audit was formed which breaks down what the State Auditor calls “significant deficiencies” with taxpayer money.

Fingers were wagged at the librarians for their naughtiness, but what exactly did they do wrong? The Director of Nebraska Library Commission, Rob Wagner, says the library system is branching out into videogames to bring more young people into the libraries and the workers did nothing wrong.

After investigating the Library Commissions’ funds, Nebraska State Auditor Mike Foley(not the wrestler) said, “Sure enough it was state money that was used. It was state employees on state time during work hours playing with and setting up a PlayStation videogame system.” As a result of the fuss, the games and system are now sitting in the closet – clearly a far better use of state tax dollars.

Source: G4TV

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