The guys who made Red Dead Redemption are happy the game was well-received and might have enough content for a sequel.

The Western look and feel of Rockstar San Diego’s Red Dead Redemption benefited from massive critical acclaim and word-of-mouth to become one of the most-beloved games of 2010. I know both myself and The Escapist EIC Russ Pitts both found Red Dead satisfying on both a story and mechanics level. The game sold extremely well, and has seen DLC like Undead Nightmare continue to make money for its parent company, Take Two Interactive, long after the original has been on shelves. Usually, with such success, there would already be talk of a sequel, but there hasn’t been a peep indicating that work had begun on the next Red Dead. The VP of product development at Rockstar, Jeronimo Barrera, however, said that he was thankful the game did as well as it did, and admitted that there was more than enough ideas left for a another installment.

“[We’re most pleased] either that huge numbers of people loved the game enough to play through to the end, and then encouraged friends to play it – we hope without spoiling the end for them – or at a more basic level … that we could convince that many people that they wanted to play a game about the wild west,” said Barrera.

Hold on just a minute, pardner. That’s skirting the issue at hand, Mr. Jeronimo Barrera (isn’t the best name for a developer working on a Western game?)

Does the team in San Diego, despite complaints of working conditions, have enough scrawled on their whiteboards to put in a sequel? “For all the games we work on, we have a massive number of ideas that [don’t] make it in,” he said.

I’m going to call your bluff, Jeronimo. I bet you two bits that Rockstar San Diego is already working on Red Dead R(blank).

Source: CVG

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