A second teaser image for what is thought to be the next Red Dead game has been released.

Yesterday, Rockstar caught the attention of gamers everywhere when it tweeted out an image that pretty much everyone took as a tease for a Red Dead Redemption game. Today, they’re increasing the hype by making it pretty clear that there’s a Red Dead-related game in the works. How? Well, they tweeted another new image.

This one features seven people, seen only in silhouette. They certainly look like characters from a western-themed game, and that one in the middle even favors ill-fated Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston.

Of course, this still doesn’t meant here’s a new game in the works. After all, we’ve heard rumors in the recent past about a Red Dead Redemption remaster. Given Rockstar’s history of teases, I am trying not to get excited. It could turn out to be a Red Dead MOBA, or something similarly unexpected. That said, if it is Red Dead Redemption 2 (or whatever they call it), we have at least thought about what we’d like to see from that game.

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