Rockstar Teases Zombie-Themed Red Dead DLC


Details are slim, but it’s a safe bet that the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption will feature zombies.

Fresh on the tails of the Legends and Killers and the Liars and Cheats packs released in the last two months comes fresh artwork from the next DLC pack. I think the worms squirming out of John Marston’s left eye was a nice touch, don’t you? There is no word on the official release date, but I’d bet that it will arrive just in time for Halloween.

The zombie-themed Undead Nightmare pack, according to information released this summer, will feature a new single-player storyline, as well as additional animals to hunt and challenges to complete. You will also be able to play as eight different undead characters in the multiplayer free roam format, which will also have dynamic events to match the zombie theme.

All we have for new information is this artwork, but Rockstar promises more details will be coming this week, including an official trailer this Thursday.

I love me some Red Dead Redemption (almost 83% complete) but I’m not sure I get the trend where adding zombies to any game makes it better. I’m not going to pass judgement before I play around with all that Undead Nightmare has to offer, but I’m worried that the addition of zombies may mess with the mostly authentic Western feel of the game.

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