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Cellar Door Games has announced Rogue Legacy 2, a sequel to its 2013 roguelike action platformer. Teased yesterday and officially revealed today on Twitter, the studio has provided a glimpse into how the project will look by way of screenshots and some animation. Despite the original game’s art style still holding up seven years after release, the visuals in these first Rogue Legacy 2 screenshots promise a crisper aesthetic.

The following images are noted to be taken from a project that is still very much a work in progress but should be enough to tide you over until Cellar Door is ready to talk more “in the coming days.”

Rogue Legacy 2 will feature the same talent behind the first game’s soundtrack, with the developer sharing one of the tunes that will provide the musical backdrop for the soon-to-be sequel.

If you’re only just now hearing about Rogue Legacy, the 2013 title is a roguelike that sees players spawning into procedurally generated Castlevania-esque castles. Upon each death, the game prompts the choosing of an heir to follow in the footsteps of the previous player character, with each proceeding character having their own mixed abilities and attributes. As the game progresses, abilities, items, and upgrades can be found and purchased in order to further push the narrative forward.

We don’t know much about Rogue Legacy 2 yet, but there is sure to be enough changes to the formula to keep new and old fans on their toes.

Rogue Legacy 2 currently has no release date or confirmed platforms.

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