Funding has been put on hold for Blackroom while the team completes a gameplay demo.

Four days ago, John Romero and Adrian Carmack unveiled a Kickstarter campaign for a new FPS, Blackroom. However, the pair paused the campaign this morning in order to complete a gameplay demo.

“The team is at work on a demo which demonstrates the kind of gameplay, look and innovative, cool features that make Blackroom truly unique – the things we’ve waited years to put into an FPS and which make us incredibly excited about this game,” reads an update to the Kickstarter page. “There’s a hitch here, a hitch that’s making us do something that’s right for the game, the team, and the community: we’re pressing “PAUSE” on the fundraising campaign for Blackroom to complete this gameplay demo.”

A new campaign will be launched once the gameplay demo is ready, which the post indicates was a complaint received through feedback.

The campaign page describes Blackroom as “a visceral, varied and violent shooter that harkens back to classic FPS play with a mixture of exploration, speed, and intense, weaponized combat,” and promises “unique multiplayer maps and robust modding support for the community to make diabolical creations of their own design.”

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