To celebrate the launch of the browser version of Angry Birds, developer Rovio set up a giant real-world version of the game in Terrassa, Spain.

Scientists estimate that within two years, Finnish developer Rovio will have ported its wildly popular mobile game Angry Birds to every device with a processor and video screen. I may have made that up just now, but seriously guys, Angry Birds is on everything short of your brand-new microwave oven.

Rovio’s latest conquest was putting Angry Birds on the Google Chrome app store for browser-based play. To celebrate the launch on the popular web browser, Rovio’s marketing department decided to let people in a city in Spain play the game for themselves – in real life.

I’m digging the live brass band rendition of the Angry Birds theme, and it’s certainly a really cool set, but part of me is a tiny bit underwhelmed. I wanted to see some slingshot action, dammit, not tossing the balls from right atop the evil pigs’ castle!

Though the fact that the pigs actually blow up like they do in the game is pretty damn neat.

(Via G4TV)

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