Rovio Teases Angry Birds: Star Wars: Phantom Menace


This Monday, Rovio Entertainment will announce a new game that pays homage to an infamous sci-fi prequel.

Angry Birds and Star Wars are franchises with legions of adoring fans, which explains why Rovio combined them for Angry Birds: Star Wars. The game actually did pretty well for itself, all things considered, even warranting some DLC chapters from The Empire Strikes Back to extend its playtime. Now Rovio is dropping hints that its next game will revisit the Star Wars galaxy, but not the original trilogy we know and love. Instead, the official Angry Birds Twitter feed states that a “big game announcement” will be made on July 15th, while revealing a teaser homage to the iconic poster from Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Angry Birds: Star Wars wasn’t really recognized for its story, so implying that Pig Vader was once a bird probably won’t amount to much plot-wise. In fact, since Angry Birds was always more concerned with gameplay than story, it’s possible this game will completely avoid the fan outrage that mired debates regarding the Star Wars prequels. This game is about one thing: introducing new Star Wars content to Angry Birds. From that perspective, Phantom Menace‘s Coruscant, Naboo, and Pod Races simply offer more unique content to work with than Return of the Jedi could on its own.

Still, now that I think about it, I would’ve preferred an Ewok-Bird over whatever Rovio has planned for Jar Jar Binks.

Source: Twitter, via Joystiq

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