After months of embarrassing poses and dragging the coffee table across the room, Kinect owners may have ten new titles to look forward to after Microsoft’s E3 conference next month.

Anonymous sources told Eurogamer that Kinect owners can look forward to games for the “hardcore,” original franchises for the device, and sequels to Kinect’s two biggest successes (Kinect Sports and Dance Central) at the popular game trade show.

After a successful launch and support for more experimental titles – such as, Twisted Pixel’s The Gunstringer and Q Entertainment’s Child of Eden – it seems Microsoft is prepared to announce titles that will capture the interest of more than just the casual audience it’s been catering to lately.

Other possible titles that may be demoed at E3 include Burnout Paradise-esque, open world driving game Forza World, Terminal Reality’s Star Wars game, Suda 51’s Codename D, Capcom’s Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Crytek’s Codename: Kingdoms, and whatever MGS Vancouver may be working on. It’s also possible that the upcoming Halo remake may include Kinect controls, and that Epic Games (Gears of War) may incorporate it into the studio’s next, yet-to-be-announced title.

Microsoft doesn’t want to take the thunder out from its upcoming presentation, so no one is willing to confirm or share details on these rumors at this time. Being the case, it’s hard to say whether a Kinect title in this context means only purple-box, Kinect-required games or any game to feature Kinect support (for example, Child of Eden which can be played with standard controllers.)

Whether these projects are shown next month or not, Kinect owners may soon have more options than virtual sports and family friendly mini-games at their disposal.

Soure: Eurogamer

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