Nintendo has a couple of events planned for the near future that will hopefully let us know the final release date and price of the 3DS.

News on the 3DS has been slow since Nintendo announced the handheld’s Japanese release date and price back in September, but this could change in a month. Nintendo evidently has concurrent events planned that will take place around the world on January 19, 2011.

MCV recently posted that members of the European gaming press have been invited to a Nintendo event in Amsterdam on this date. Details as to what the event is for haven’t been announced yet.

Similar invites have gone out to North American gaming press about an event in New York City on January 19. Nintendo has been mum about the specific North American and European release dates for the 3DS so far, so it isn’t hard to guess what it could be announcing at these events.

It’s not yet known if these are the only regions in which Nintendo will be announcing or showing something in January. The biggest question mark surrounding the 3DS so far has been its potential price in regions other than Japan. Nintendo is releasing the handheld at ¥25,000 in the region, which by current exchange rates equals nearly $300.

However, that doesn’t mean the 3DS will be priced at its exchange rate in other regions, so we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s also probable that Nintendo will show off some of the 3DS’s launch titles, if this event is for the 3DS, so be prepared to find out exactly what games will bug out your eyes first on the system too.

Source: MCV

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