Queen’s legendary lead guitarist Brian May may have accidentally confirmed the existence of a Guitar Hero: Queen scheduled for next year.

Speaking with Swedish news site DN while in town for the tour of Queen-based musical “We Will Rock You,” the guitarist-and-sometimes-astrophysicist apparently let slip an interesting bit of information: A Guitar Hero game featuring his famous band is in the works.

According to translations provided by Kotaku forum members, May says that the game is scheduled to be out next year, will feature the music of Queen (duh), and will “let players really experience a Queen concert.”

If true, this could be a fairly big development for the Guitar Hero franchise, which has had to make do with bands like Metallica, Aerosmith, and Van Halen while competitor Rock Band got the freakin’ Beatles. There is already a Singstar: Queen game (that we here at The Escapist are fond of breaking out at parties), but come on, how awesome would it be to be able to play the iconic drum beat at the beginning of “We Will Rock You”?

I can’t wait to sing the opera part of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” myself. It better have harmony support.

(DN via Kotaku)

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