Resident Evil 4 VR, VR, Oculus, Capcom, leak, hack

A Resident Evil 4 VR version may be on track to arrive from Capcom next year, according to an alleged leak. This information was uncovered from files and documents released onto the internet following a significant attack on the company’s servers earlier this month. One detail from the supposed leak suggests that a VR version of the genre-defining entry in Capcom’s survival horror franchise will release for Oculus hardware in April of 2021 (via Arthands-VR, Game Rant). A chart that seems to lay out Capcom’s upcoming release schedule provides the detail.

Resident Evil 4 VR, VR, Oculus, Capcom, hack, leak

Resident Evil 4 VR and its release date could be real, it could be a scrapped project, or the game may not have ever existed at all; there is no way to tell without Capcom’s official word on the matter. We do know, however, that the company fell victim to a hacking scheme on Nov. 2. Capcom confirmed the data breach’s existence three days later on Nov. 5 via an initial press release, claiming that no customer information had been stolen during the intrusion. However, a subsequent update outlines that Capcom Store member information in North America may have been compromised, including names, birth dates, and email addresses.

Capcom likely has no intention of commenting on the potential existence of a Resident Evil 4 VR for Oculus headsets, so stay tuned through the next few months for more updates.


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