Movie gossip specialists claim to have “scooped” big details of Warner Bros. big superhero team-up

WARNING: While unconfirmed, some of this could conceivably be considered minor spoiler info and should be treated as such. is these days known more for their racy headlines, but they’re also one of the web’s longer-lived movie gossip sites from the good old days of actual leaks and scoopage. Now, they’ve jumped back into the game with a video brief quoting an anonymous source about plot and design details of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Most of the info (none of which appears to include serious story-surprises) focuses on the status quo of Batman and his actual crimefighting operation, along with a general idea of the new Lex Luthor’s personality that line up nicely with just about everything that’s been previously reported about the character i.e. the traditional “self-made billionaire threatened by Superman’s natural-born superiority” modern interpretation of Lex reimagined as a Steve Jobs-esque tech CEO rather than an industrialist. The “scooper” also mentions a possible second, unnamed villain and claims that while Diana/Wonder Woman will have a substantial role, her origin-story will not be dealt with in detail for this film.

The scooper further claims to have seen Wonder Woman’s uniform, describing what would effectively be the “classic” outfit but with a “battle-skirt” instead of shorts or leggings and the longer silver forearm-gauntlets from the “New 52” uniform instead of the traditional gold bracelets. It is also claimed that she will fight with a sword, shield and spear along with the familiar golden lasso.

Warner Bros. has made no comment on the story (which did not name its “trusted source.) It is widely expected that WB will reveal substantial details of the film (possibly including the characters’ uniforms and maybe even some footage) at SDCC in July.

Source: JoBlo

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