Rumor: Harley Quinn Returns In Batman: Arkham City DLC


A leaked batch of PlayStation 3 Trophies seemingly reveals an upcoming Arkham City downloadable content update focused on the Joker’s manic henchwoman.

The theoretically upcoming Trophy list comes courtesy of the aptly named, and alongside the 61 Trophies currently available in Rocksteady Studios’ smash hit Batman: Arkham City, it includes an additional 10 Trophies for something the site refers to as the “Harley Quinn DLC.”

Take that however you’d like, but it’s not the most interesting bit.

Instead, I would draw your attention to the Trophy labelled “A Few New Tricks.” That Trophy’s description reads: “Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn’s Revenge.”

Not only does that refer to some as-yet-unknown section of Batman: Arkham City called “Harley Quinn’s Revenge,” it also indicates that Robin will be a playable character in this episode — good news for Tim Drake fans who were disappointed to see that the Boy Wonder was only playable in Arkham City’s Challenge Maps.

Unfortunately, since this list is the only bit of info we have on the hypothetical DLC, I can’t tell you when this “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” will be released, nor its price. For that matter, I can’t even officially say that this thing even exists. Rocksteady refuses to confirm or deny the DLC, and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive is being mum on the entire issue.

Until we get some kind of official confirmation, please continue glumly chewing grains of salt and hoping against hope for more story content in Batman: Arkham City.

Source: PS3Trophies, via CVG

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