Rumor: Hulu Coming to the 360


Is Microsoft adding TV streaming to Xbox Live?

According to “reliable sources” Microsoft is in talks to bring the TV streaming service Hulu to the Xbox 360, and will unveil it at E3 in Los Angeles later this month. Much like the Netflix, says the source, Hulu would require a subscription to use, as well as a Gold Xbox Live membership.

The systems are apparently in place, and the software is said to be ready to go, with the only thing left to finalize are rights issues to Hulu content. Sadly, licensing issues means that Hulu content will likely only be available in the US.

This is all just rumor at the moment of course, but it certainly seems to fit in with the way that Microsoft is expanding Xbox Live, especially if market analyst Michael Pachter is right, and Microsoft wants to keep a firm grip on the content on the service.

Source: Shack News

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