Rumor: Leaked Concept Art Hints at New Valve IP


Oddly proportioned ladies, carapace-wearing peg-legged men, and big badass spacecraft abound in a concept art leak for what seems to be a brand new Valve game.

Somehow (and I’ll just assume it involved a crossroads, a ritual sacrifice, and the selling of a soul) PC Gamer managed to sneak some photos of concept art left pinned to a wall in Valve’s headquarters on a recent trip there, much of which seems to be of creepily proportioned women covered in sparkles and similarly creepy men in sci-fi outfits. Speculation, as you can imagine, has run rampant.

The art could be for an already-announced game, such as DoTA 2 or Portal 2, or perhaps an unannounced sequel such as a new addition to the Half-Life or Left4Dead franchises (though I think we can all agree that that would require some major changes to those series). What seems more likely is a brand new IP, which is always something to get excited about when it comes from Valve.

Jay Pinkerton, writer and notable prankster hired to help write Portal 2, has a tag with his name on it above the wall of concept art, leading some people to assume the concept art is all some sort of elaborate prank. It seems like a lot of work for a prank, but I suppose it’s entirely within the realm of possibility. Others have pointed out that Valve isn’t exactly known for inviting the press to their headquarters and letting them wander around taking pictures of under-wraps game art, and have come to the conclusion that this is less a leak and more of a tease.

Whatever the case, I’m keeping my eye out for any announcements from Valve that might give a hint or two about this art, if only so I can find out who I need to beat with a pipe-wrench for giving me nightmares. That woman with the massive head and tiny mouth is terrifying.

Source: PC Gamer via CVG

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