An image popped up in the Electronic Arts store proclaiming that Mass Effect 3 would be made “better with Kinect.”

It has been well over a year since Mass Effect 2 re-launched the Normandy, and we all thought we’d be playing the next iteration of the saga of Shepard by now. Apparently, the folks at BioWare have been cooking something that all hardcore Mass Effect fans have been clamoring for: Kinect support. Keen eyes on the neoGAF forums discovered an image of the box of Mass Effect 3 with the words “Better with Kinect Sensor” emblazoned in large friendly purple letters on the cover.

We have no idea how deep the rabbit hole of Kinect support goes. I find it really hard to imagine shooting Collectors in the face while standing and pointing at the screen, so perhaps BioWare is experimenting with using Kinect for some other nefarious purpose. The mining or whatever resource collecting that appears in ME3 could be spiced up with some Kinect exercise I suppose. Or maybe Kinect could figure into the whole relationship part of the game.

Will Mass Effect 3 become the first Microsoft-approved Kinect sex game? Probably not, but a guy can hope to squeeze some blue alien butt, can’t he?

Smart money says that adding this Kinect support is a major reason why the game is delayed. In all honesty, most folks would probably like for the game to be out rather than fiddle around with motion controls.

Source: neoGAF forums via Destructoid

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