Rumors are circulating the internet after a Nikkei Shimbun report stated that Nintendo was manufacturing a DSi with a larger 4″ screen (compared to the current 3.25″ one).

Now, I can’t actually read Japanese, so as far as reading the Nikkei Shimbun article in question goes, I’m going to just have to take the Internet’s word on this:

According to the article, Nintendo will be releasing a new DSi with a larger screen (4 inches as opposed to 3.25) “in response to requests of older users.” It’s unlikely that the new screen would feature a higher resolution, so – if true – it’ll just be a slightly bigger picture. The overall specs of the model would be the same, and it would retail for the same price – ¥18900 ($205.25, €138.54, £125.28) – as the current DSi.

The article says that Nintendo would be releasing this new DSi before the end of the year in Japan (is there a holiday season shopping rush in Japan? I honestly don’t know), though there is no word on whether the device would ever see an official release in other countries.

Of course, this is completely unconfirmed as of yet, so as always take it with a grain or ten of salt: “We think it’s a speculative article,” a Nintendo representative told Famitsu, with Nintendo of America dismissing it as a mere rumor. So, I wouldn’t start lining up to buy your new larger-screen DSis just yet.

(Via Game|Life)

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