An artist’s LinkedIn resume may have leaked the exsistence of a second Alan Wake game.

Released to great reviews but poor sales, it has always been uncertain if Remedy Entertainment’s 2010 survival horror title Alan Wake would get a sequel. Mikko Rautalahti, the writer of the game, always seemed to think there would be one, saying, “There will be more Alan Wake, if we have anything to say about it. It’s a bigger story than just one game, and we want to make it very weird and scary and wonderful.” Now it seems we might soon be getting word on the status of that sequel.

In a resume on LinkedIn, artist Althea Suarez Gata claimed to have worked on an in-game cinematic for an unannounced Alan Wake 2. Apparently, she spent time working with Halon Entertainment (the people behind the Halo: Reach- Deliver Hope video)last month on the previsualization (basically story-boarding) stage of those cinematics.

The reference to Alan Wake 2 was quickly removed from the resume, but not before speculation about a possible E3 reveal took hold. At this point, everything under the sun is being revealed at E3, or at least is rumored to do so, so it can’t hurt to hope for one more.

Source: Scrawl

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