Sources claim that the new movie will be darker and more serious than previous attempts.

Apparently it’s not just the Tomb Raider videogames that are getting the reboot treatment, as rumor has it that Olivia Wilde – known for her performances in House and Tron: Legacy – is in the running to be the next Lara Croft in a new Tomb Raider movie.

The source said that the reboot would be a much darker and more serious take on Tomb Raider than the previous movies. The idea is apparently to get a top director and an “intelligent” script and present Lara as an “empowering” character that women would like as much as men. The source added that it was Wilde’s performance in Tron that brought her to the attention of the people behind the project, and that while hers wasn’t the only name being kicked around, she appeared to be ideal for the part.

This is all just rumor, of course; it’s not the first time word of a Tomb Raider movie reboot has surfaced, but it’s currently just as unconfirmed as the rumor that Wilde will appear in it. Some pictures of Wilde dressed up as Lara Croft have surfaced (seen above), but these are apparently part of a photo shoot for season six of House and while they’re proof that she certainly looks the part, that’s all they prove.

The rumors do make a certain sense however, with Crystal Dynamics retooling Tomb Raider into a more serious game of survival, without so much of the fantastical elements seen in previous titles. With a new digital Lara Croft coming, it seems the perfect time to revamp the movies as well.

Source: Blastr

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