HL3 Leak

Leaks point to Valve projects currently in the works.

The enthusiasts over at ValveTime have uncovered a supposed list of internal projects from the secretive developer. While the list is obviously an internal project tracker and offers no other context, it points to expected projects like Half Life 3 and Source 2, as well as surprising entries like Left 4 Dead 3.

According to ValveTime, the listing inadvertently leaked to a mailing list when it was trying to resolve an issue with Jira, their project management software.

Further digging reveals that the Left 4 Dead 3 list has multiple mailing lists, while the perpetually MIA Half Life 3 has only one listing. While the L4D3 group has 68 members, the HL 3 group has only 42. ValveTime seems to think that these lists still include ex-employees, so numbers are hardly exact. This leads to speculation that a Half Life sequel is still a ways down the line.

The listing also reveals mysteries like Cries Unheard and Microbe Wars. Considering the unorthodox way that Valve operates, it’s hard to say if these are actual games in development or just experiments.

ValveTime claims to verify the lists because they include employee clubs and extracurricular activities which “are very obscure, but known by our researchers”. This could be viewed as being impressive….or creepy.

Source: Valve Time

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