Rumors of a Wii Remote-like motion-sensing controller for the Xbox 360 continue to fly, with at least one website citing “internal sources at Microsoft” giving confirmation of the project.

The device was initially reported by, which said it would do “all the Wii remote does, and more.” The controller has been in development since August 2007, according to MTV’s anonymous source, with Microsoft-owned studio Rare given the task of coming up with a unified interface and “look” for the device.

8Bit Joystick is now claiming its Microsoft sources have confirmed the existence of the controller, current known by its internal engineering code name of “Newton.” According to the site, it may be “a couple months” before prototype shots become available and the device is ready for mass manufacturing, but the device should be ready for market by winter 2008. Along with functionality similar to that of the Wii controller, the Microsoft device will also support rumble motors, wireless two-way communication and a built-in microphone.

When contacted about the device, a Microsoft spokesman said the company “does not comment on rumors and speculation.”

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