Ryan Reynolds to Play Green Lantern


It’s been confirmed that TV and film actor Ryan Reynolds will play Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Riddle me this, what does Deadpool have in common with the Green Lantern? The answer is that they are both going to be played by Ryan Reynolds in movies released in 2011. The confirmation came on Friday that Reynolds had beaten other contenders Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto to the superhero role.

Reynolds will play Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern, and is the first person to star in movies based on both DC and Marvel titles. The Green Lantern film is being directed by Casino Royale director Martin Campbell, and is scheduled to start filming in January.

Reactions to the announcement have been mixed, as some worry that Reynolds, who is mostly known for comedic roles, isn’t a great fit for the role of the dignified and serious Hal Jordan. Personally, I prefer Kyle Rayner anyway.

Source: Film Junk

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