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Sable Review in 3 Minutes – A Beautiful, Empty, Boring World


Sable is an open-world puzzle adventure game developed by Shedworks and published by Raw Fury. Meet Sable, a young character who must complete her rite of passage by leaving her tribe and journeying around the world by herself. Prepare to explore a world packed with relics from the past, assist other nomads, and complete puzzles as she attempts to climb, leap, and glide over any and every obstacle.

It’s clear that the protagonist is still young and seeking adventure. Her right of passage, known as the Gliding, mirrors when young adults move to college. The writing complements this in your dialogue options, leaving for warm, heartfelt moments. Learning more about other nomads and their stories enriches your journey and even motivates the player to continue being the best version of yourself, even if some quests are silly fix and fetch missions.

Unfortunately, the world didn’t offer enough interesting elements to maintain engagement. It’s great to explore with few limitations and appreciate the awesome art style. However, with a chunk of the world feeling empty and the puzzle platforming being so insubstantial, traversal and core gameplay get boring extremely fast.

Sable allows the player to explore and progress at their own pace. Players seeking a zoned out experience without any pressure or clear direction should consider checking out this title.

The game is available now on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One for the price of 24.99 and is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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