cdv Software and Ascaron Entertainment are trying a whole new kind of DRM in the upcoming PC version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel that actually encourages owners to share the game with their friends.

With the game’s new “Try Before You Buy” system, gamers who purchase either the downloaded or retail versions of the game are encouraged to install it on other computers, as often as they want. These shared copies will work as fully-functional demos for one calendar day, offering both the complete single player campaign as well as the multiplayer LAN mode. After the demo expires, players can either purchase the game online or uninstall it with no harm done.

“We feel that consumers should have a right to choose, and this innovative system offers the perfect purchasing option for gamers,” said Ascaron Managing Director Heiko tom Felde. “It’s a great system for family and friends, allowing everyone the opportunity to try out the game and play together, then making a purchase decision.”

“This innovative digital rights management solution raises the bar on how consumers can sample games before they buy them,” added cdv Software Marketing Director Mario Kroll. “Rather than showcasing only a limited character or content selection, as most traditional demos do, gamers can share and enjoy the full game experience, trying out the features that most appeal to them, and getting a true sense of the full game.”

Sacred 2 is a “giant, open-ended and seamless” action-RPG containing hundreds of dungeons, intelligent enemies and a variety of challenging quests. The PC version of the game is set for release in North America on November 11, while the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions will hit store shelves in February 2009.

via: Kotaku

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