Sam Kieth Embraces His Inner Bimbo This April


Oni Press is pleased to announce the debut of MY INNER BIMBO, a new 5 part mini-series by fan favorite Sam Kieth (THE MAXX, ZERO GIRL) and Josh Hagler. What happens when a man’s underdeveloped feminine side materializes into a very real gum-chewing bimbo? That’s the question at the core of a story that could only come from the mind of Sam Kieth!

Lo has had a full life. After falling in love with an older woman, he’s had the chance to spend many years with her; and now that he looks back at it all, he can’t help but wonder how things might have gone differently. Enter the bimbo- a gum-chewing, ultra-feminine young woman, who very well could lead him to trouble, the truth, or both, as she forces him to take a good hard look at his life, and himself.

“My readers have met Lo before,” Sam Kieth explained, “even if they didn’t realize it. He’s the grandfather in OJO, and this story takes place later in his life. Taken on the surface, there’s a huge shift in this book; OJO was a cool little story about a girl and a monster, and this one is about her grandfather- a horny old guy chasing a bimbo. But really, they’re intimately connected.”

“Sam has a vision for a series of books,” explained Oni Editor in Chief, James Lucas Jones. “When he explained the concept to us, we were immediately attracted to it. OJO was the beginning, and while it focuses on Annie, the little girl, it introduces you to Lo, and to the magic trout, which are the two reoccurring aspects throughout the books. Each miniseries will explore a different aspect of Lo’s life and experience; in some he’s more tangential, in others, like MY INNER BIMBO, he takes center stage. They’ll each stand on their own, but by the end, readers who pick up all of the miniseries will have a complete picture of this man and his life.”

MY INNER BIMBO, which explores the ramifications of a relationship between two people who differ largely in age, is especially personal for Kieth.

“This is the most personal story that I’ve told so far. My wife and I met when I was quite young, and the age difference in the book is one that we share. So a lot of the issues Lo faces are ones that I’ve had to wrap my head around.”

Jones adds, “Sam’s work is incredibly personal, especially in this miniseries, but he also touches on issues that everyone, on some level, has to deal with; questions of whether we made the right decisions, and if it’s a waste of time worrying about whether we made the right decisions.”

And the bimbo?

“The bimbo has a very specific role to play in this story,” Kieth explained. “There’s a reason she doesn’t have a name, and the perception of her will change as the issues go along. So give the book until issue three, and then you can burn me at the stake if you’re not satisfied,” he added with a laugh.

Kieth is joined in his drawing duties by Josh Hagler, creator of the serial novel THE BOY WHO MADE SILENCE.

“Our process is very collaborative,” Hagler commented. “There are some areas where it’s a matter of me inking his pencils, but there are lots of areas where the drawings are mine from start to finish. There are times when I imitate his art (I had quite a bit of practice copying his style in high school); and then there was this moment when I got some of the boards in the mail, and found that he did this drawing of Lo to look like I had drawn it. Sometimes I’ll draw on part of his drawing; sometimes he’ll draw on part of mine.”

“Sam and Josh work really well together,” Jones added. “Their styles blend in a way that creates something new, and it’s always exciting to see what they’ve come up with.”

Like Kieth’s previous works, MY INNER BIMBO takes a look at the psychological gymnastics our brains put us through in life and love.

MY INNER BIMBO #1 will feature 32 pages of black and white story and art, with a full color cover. With a cover price of $2.99, it will ship to comic book stores in April. Future issues will ship on a monthly basis. It contains harsh language, nudity, and mature situations and is recommended for mature readers.

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