Scott Pilgrim Is Back In December

Oni Press is pleased to announce that SCOTT PILGRIM & THE INFINITE SADNESS, the third volume in the ongoing Scott Pilgrim series by Bryan O’Malley will be shipping to stores in December. Continuing the madcap world of Scott and his quest to win his dream girl, SCOTT PILGRIM Vol. 3 promises laughs and a whole lot of fun!

Scott Pilgrim is two steps closer to being with Ramona, the delivery girl extraordinaire who has won his heart. He’s already beat two of her evil ex-boyfriends, and only has five to go. Since Scott’s the best fighter in his province, that should be easy enough– except for a few complications. See, Ramona’s not the only one with a past. Enter Envy Adams, Scott’s ex-girlfriend, and leader of an art-rock band, who just happens to be dating Ramona’s third evil ex-boyfriend. Add in Knives Chau, the girl Scott just broke up with, and things get even more complicated. What’s a boy to do?

“Everyone has baggage going into a relationship,” O’Malley explained. “Scott just has to deal with his in a more, shall we say, hands-on way. Up to now, he’s had to deal with Ramona’s past, but now he has to deal with his own. Envy really messed with his head, and he has to figure out if he’s really over that.”

Don’t let the title fool you, SCOTT PILGRIM & THE INFINITE SADNESS is full of the same wit, sarcasm, and spontaneous humor readers have come to expect from O’Malley.

“Bryan is so good at balancing character development with the random dance numbers and bits that make you laugh,” commented James Lucas Jones, Oni Editor in Chief. “Having Ramona’s boyfriends turn into coins and bonuses when Scott beats them is just inspired, only Bryan could come up with that, but he doesn’t just rely on that, they don’t become gimmicks. There’s a reason for all of it, a depth to the characters that makes you want to keep coming back for more.”

And sales indicate that readers agree. Due to continuing reorders from comic book stores and chain stores alike, Oni ran through the first printings of both volumes 1 and 2 of Scott Pilgrim, and recently went back to press to ensure that both would be available well in advance of Vol. 3 hitting the stands.

“I couldn’t be more pleased,” said Joe Nozemack, Oni Publisher. “Word is spreading about the book, and retailers are seeing that this series can be a perennial item for their racks. SCOTT PILGRIM casts its net pretty wide, and there will always be new customers who will be interested in it and want to start with Volume 1. We aim to ensure that they can always get their hands on it.”

“Scott’s life is just going to get crazier and crazier,” O’Malley concluded. “You’ll just have to keep reading to see where it’s all headed.”

SCOTT PILGRIM VOLUME 3: SCOTT PILGRIM & THE INFINITE SADNESS is a 168 page trade paperback featuring black and white story and art. It shops to comic book stores in December, and retails for $11.95 with an ISBN of 1-932664-22-X.

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