Telltale Games has announced that Sam & Max Season One will be coming soon to the Nintendo Wii.

The anticipated and long-rumored Wii release of the game will collect the first six episodes of the pair’s bizarre adventures as Freelance Police, which have won significant acclaim since their initial PC release, including Adventure Game of the Year from GameSpy and IGN and a spot on the Games for Windows Top Ten Games List for 2007.

The ongoing saga of a anthropomorphic fedora-wearing dog and a vicious rabbity thing, Steve Purcell’s Sam & Max first appeared on the comic scene in 1987, eventually showing up in webcomics, videogames and an animated television series. Sam & Max Hit the Road, a SCUMM-based adventure game released by LucasArts in 1993, was very well-received and remains a highly-regarded game, but an announced follow-up, Sam & Max Freelance Police, was canceled in March 2004. That cancellation led to a number of LucasArts employees leaving the company to form Telltale Games.

Sam and Max Season One for the Wii will be published by Dreamcatcher in North America and JoWooD in Europe, with fully localized French and German releases. All versions of the game are currently set for release in fall 2008.

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