Samsung VR Headset Rumor Oculus 310x

The rumored VR headset would work exclusively with future Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

Engadget is reporting that Samsung is working on its own virtual reality headset, and the hardware is slated to be released before the end of 2014.

The VR headset, which is being developed within the Samsung Mobile division, would be paired exclusively with Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. If the exclusivity ends up being true, the headset should use a USB 3.0-type connector, to be paired with ports like the one found on the bottom of the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

The only hardware spec that’s floating around thus far is that the display inside the headset will be OLED-based, similar to other displays used by Samsung Mobile.

Along with attempting to beat Oculus and Sony to market with a consumer-grade product, Samsung will also try to undercut whatever price point its VR rivals would launch at (my best guess is under $299, or lower if the hardware is heavily subsidized). And because it’s a mobile product, the hardware would be used with VR-friendly Android games found in the Google Play store.

This is definitely still a rumor, but we’ll be sure to post up if and when more concrete information comes along.

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