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Scavengers Gameplay Trailer Features Chilling ‘Co-opetition’ from Former Halo Devs

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Scavengers, a “co-opetition” shooter from former Halo developers, just a got a new gameplay trailer. The latest look at Midwinter Entertainment’s strategic survival free-to-play title came via IGN today, showcasing some of the intense gameplay that’ll be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You won’t get to touch the game’s early access build until early 2021, so for now, you can watch the pre-alpha footage below.

As illustrated in the gameplay trailer, the former Halo devs’ Scavengers is a third-person PvPvE action shooter where players must work together in teams of three to outperform rival squads. Players can select and customize their characters in an effort to gather resources scattered throughout a frozen Earth filled with mutated beasts. Plus, as Scavengers’ development progresses post-launch, new seasons will bring an evolving gameplay experience riddled with new locations, characters, objectives, and more.

The Scavengers website provides a brief look into the chilling wasteland players will be thrust into when the early access launch occurs next year:

We left when the asteroid shattered the Moon and froze the Earth, bringing with it a virus that birthed unspeakable horrors. We left with our lives and little more, seeking refuge off-planet – a refuge from the crazed mutants we call the Scourge; a refuge from the marauders who stayed to pillage and seize control of what remains on the surface.

There are far fewer of us today. Mother – our Sanctuary’s AI protector – watches over those of us who remain. We want a cure for the virus. She wants something more. So we must do as Mother says: return to the surface to fight – for one another, against each other, and for the future of our species.

A Scavengers technical playtest is currently scheduled to begin Sept. 18-20. You can learn how to access the playtest via a FAQ section on the game’s website.

The Escapist spoke with Midwinter’s art and UX director, Daryl Anselmo, last year to learn more about co-opetition in Scavengers.

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