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Scavengers Reign’s Ending, Explained

Azi watches the horizon with Levi in Scavengers Reign

One of the biggest surprises this year, in an increasingly crowded field of quality animated series, is the new science fiction show Scavengers Reign. Airing on Max, the 12-episode first season came to an end this November, raising even more intriguing questions.

Scavengers Reign follows the crew of the Demeter, a cargo spaceship that crashes on the remote planet Vesta. As separate groups of survivors try to make their way back to the crash site and escape the planet, they encounter various kinds of dangerous flora and fauna native to Vesta. Complicating matters further is the arrival of a group of scavengers landing on Vesta to salvage the wreckage of the Demeter for their own selfish ends.

What Happened in Scavengers Reign’s Ending?

Azi drives posts into the ground

It was the survivor Azi who encountered the scavengers on Vesta in Scavengers Reign, learning their true intentions the hard way when the scavengers’ leader, Kris, double-crossed her. Kris left her companion Barry behind while Azi battled Hollow, a telepathic alien malevolently corrupted after bonding with the Demeter’s ne’er-do-well crew member Kamen. With the help of Azi’s robotic companion Levi, Kamen’s negative influence was purged from Hollow, who returned to normal and fled back into the wilderness. However, this came too late for Azi to stop Kris, who escaped from Vesta with the only flight-capable portion of the Demeter.

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Reunited with her former crew member Ursula, who arrived at the Demeter wreckage after the death of her friend Sam, Azi and Barry revived the surviving crew members in the wreck who were in stasis pods. Together, the crew began to steadily build their own community on Vesta in the wreckage of the Demeter, ready to face their uncertain future on the harsh alien world together. For their part, Levi is now repaired and upgraded with the native plants on Vesta, with their showdown with Hollow likely only showing off a fraction of their new potential as the ultimate synthesis between the Demeter crew and Vesta itself.

Kris didn’t escape without enduring any consequences herself, however, as she piloted her ill-gotten starship from Vesta. Kris’ ship was intercepted by a group of mysterious masked figures and left visibly physically weakened from her ordeal and dwindling supplies from her hasty exit. Just as Kris intended to salvage the Demeter, without any care for its crew, she finds herself at the mercy of these masked intruders, who may or may not have their own plans for her and what’s left of the Demeter in a future season of Scavengers Reign.

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