Scene It? Seen on 360 this Fall


The widely-distributed DVD board game series ships on Microsoft’s console.

Developers Screenlife Games and WXP are porting the popular DVD board game series Scene It? to the Xbox 360. Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action is set for release this holiday season for the standard $59.99 price and includes four new controllers designed specifically for the quiz game. Referred to as Big Button Controllers, these remote feature four answer buttons that coincide with their standard controller counterparts, as well as a button for buzzing during gameplay.

This 360-exclusive will ask 1,800 new questions throughout five new Scene It? minigames, including: “Credit Roll,” where players guess the film based on the list of characters and actors; “Child’s Play,” which requires identifying a film scene based on a children’s drawing of it; and “Quotables,” a fill-in-the-blank movie quote contest.

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