It takes real skill to make a barren, sandy rock filled with giant worms seem appealing.

Are you bored of your planet? Do you need a vacation? Well then, why not hop on a Spacing Guild Heighliner and get away from it all for a while? With so many planets in the Landsraad to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

DeviantArt user Doctor Fautus has created three travel posters for three of the Dune universe’s most notable destinations. Caladan is the ancestral home world of House Atreides, and the planet they up sticks and left at the Emperor’s command in the first Dune book. The industrial world Geidi Prime, on the other hand, is the home of the hated Harkonnens, sworn enemies of the Atreides and co-conspirators in a plot to kill the popular Duke Leto.

Finally, there’s Arrakis, more commonly known as “Dune,” which no intergalactic traveler should miss. The barren, near-waterless rock is home to two unique things, the spice Melange, which makes space travel possible, and Shai-Hulud, the mighty sandworms that produce it.

The posters have a wonderful, stylized, retro elegance about them, although, as Dune’s set so very far in the future – thousands and thousands of years, for anyone who doesn’t know – they’re retro like cave paintings are retro.

Source: io9

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