Sci-Fi Short Film POLIS Looks to a Telepathic Future


Check out our behind-the-scenes interview with POLIS filmmakers Daniel Perea and Steven Ilous.

We’re searching for the next great sci-fi filmmaker with the Prototype contest, where eight filmmakers are vying for a chance to win a feature film deal with New Regency. You can check out the short films by all eight finalists right now, but if you want to go behind the scenes to learn more about the creation of these movies, we’re publishing interviews with the Prototype filmmakers.

Today, you can take a peek into the minds behind POLIS in our interview, where writer Daniel Perea talks about where the idea behind the film came from:

I really wanted to tell a science fiction story that wasn’t about invasive technology or malevolent machines. I wanted it to feel different. Psychics aren’t necessarily new territory in sci-fi, but it’s a realm that allows for very cerebral storytelling. I was drawn to developing a character whose abilities make him powerful, but vulnerable to the manipulation of others at the same time. That was fun.

For more, check out our interview or go watch POLIS for yourself.


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