The critical darling puzzle game, Scribblenauts, has sold over 1 million copies since it was released in September of last year.

Garnering praise from all sectors of the gaming industry since it was shown at E3 last year, where it was the first handheld game to ever be named “Best Of Show.” One of the bright spots of the successful DS platform in 2009, Scribblenauts has now reached “blockbuster” status by selling over 1 million units. Scribblenauts was designed by 5th Cell and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

“We are extremely pleased with the sales of Scribblenautsand credit the game’s innovation and wide appeal in making it a hit with gamers of all skill levels,” said Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Scribblenautsis one of our strong original brands, and we look forward to bringing consumers more quality gaming experiences as part of our portfolio game strategy.”

The design team at 5th Cell attributed the success of the game to the fact that it appealed to gamers of all skill levels by allowing them to solve puzzles any way they wished by writing any object they could imagine.

Well, almost anything. No matter how many times I entered “dildo” nothing ever seemed to appear, much to my chagrin.

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