Scribblenauts Hits Stores September 15


5th Cell’s surprise phenomenon Scribblenauts will scribble onto retailers’ shelves later this year when Warner Bros. Interactive releases the game on September 15.

This morning I woke up and took out a piece of paper. I wrote down “Scribblenauts Release Date” on it. Voila – it turns out Scribblenauts‘ write-the-word-and-summon-the-object game mechanic works in real life too, because look what we finally got word of today courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive: a Scribblenauts release date.

The game that captured minds and hearts at E3, which proposes players solve puzzles by conjuring anything from God to a chainsaw simply by inputting the word for that thing and then using it, will hit store shelves a little bit later than you might have been hoping for: September 15.

I guess it was a bit inevitable, considering it took this long to announce the date. I was hoping for a late summer release, maybe in the latter half of August, but oh well. Being closer to the crowded fall season might hurt Scribblenauts‘ success, but I think that if half the people who talk about how awesome this game looks buy it, it’ll do just fine.

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