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Sea of Solitude Review


Escapist is excited to share with you a new video series today called Review in 3 Minutes! The Gameumentary team is bringing over their popular video series exclusively to Escapist to expand our reviews coverage with short and sweet reviews that don’t spoil the whole game in the process.

We hope you enjoy the first of many reviews to come.

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Sea of Solitude is a platforming adventure by Jo-Mei Games and published by Electronic Arts. You play as Kay, a young woman who awakens on a boat in a flooded city as a monster. With a much bigger creature lurking in the water, Kay must take a lonely and perilous journey to discover what it all means.

The creative director, Cornelia Geppert, is said to have drawn her inspiration for this story from a real-life break up, but the game’s plot suffers from being far too general. The story is told through varying levels that deal with Kay’s family members and the personal issues she may or may not have been attentive to before finally digging into Kay herself. It’s appreciable that each subject for the story is represented by imaginative monsters, but ultimately, these sections come off as generic and cliché. And those aren’t the game’s only problems.

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Disclaimer: Former EIC of Escapist Magazine Russ Pitts was one of the writers on this project. A copy was purchased personally by the editor for this review.

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