Secret of Monkey Island Coming to Xbox Live


LucasArts is releasing a “special edition” of The Secret of Monkey Island for the Xbox 360, introducing a new generation of gamers to one of the most beloved adventure franchises of all time.

The existence of The Secret of Monkey Island – Special Edition was revealed by the USK, Germany’s videogame rating agency, which posted an entry for the game on its website. A search on the USK site now comes up empty but Adventure Gamers claims it has received independent confirmation, albeit unofficially, that the upcoming game is real. The new version will apparently be an Xbox Live Arcade title and will not get a retail release.

Originally released in 1990 for the PC, Amiga and Atari ST, The Secret of Monkey Island was one of the famous SCUMM games released during LucasArts’ heyday and became the starting point for the company’s most well-known series of adventure games. Whether the new release will include enhancements like updated graphics or voice acting (which didn’t actually appear until The Curse of Monkey Island, the third game in the series) is unknown, but LucasArts will hopefully offer up a few more details in an official announcement at E3.

Dare we hope that LucasArts is ready to acknowledging that they’re tired of flogging the Star Wars horse? This may not be a brand-new, all-original addition to the Monkey Island story but it’s sure a step in the right direction. Xbox owners, you’re in for a treat.

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