Seduce Women on the PSP With Photo Girlfriend

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Nothing says “YOU MUST LOVE ME” like forcing a girl to let you take her picture.

If you’re looking for a new romance sim to play on handheld systems, you may want to consider the latest release from Dadokawa Games, Photo Girlfriend (Photo Kano in Japanese). Aside from the usual elements of the genre, Photo Girlfriend has a photography element in it; you can check out this six minute trailer to get an idea of what the title looks like.

Unlike many romance sims, the game has a big focus on technology: it’s set to feature 3D models, smoothly-animated conversation scenes, and apparently even used motion capture for some of the animations. On top of that, players get to play with a camera mode in the game, which requires them to switch the PSP to a vertical orientation.

If you’re confused by the trailer, Andriasang has provided a basic summary of what’s going on:

The girls introduced in the first half of the trailer are the targets of your love interests. They span the usual types — the childhood friend, the class leader, and so-forth.

The last girl is Kanon, the one speaking in the trailer and the one doing the gymnastics at the end. Kadokawa is throwing in a Nendoroid Puchi figure of Kanon as a bonus item.

If you can read Japanese, you might want to head over to the game’s official site, as it has more detailed profiles of all the women players will interact with.

Source: Photo Girlfriend via Andriasang

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