See Devil’s Due Movie Promo Scare the Hell Out of New Yorkers


You’ve got to hand it to the Devil’s Due people: that baby’s mean as heck.

Pop quiz, hotshot: imagine you’re walking down a busy city street, not a care in the world, and you spot a unattended baby carriage. The kid’s wailing, and there’s no sign of any kind of parent, nanny, or guardian. What do you do? If your answer is “see if I can do something to help,” then I hope you don’t live in New York City. Check out the video and find out why.

Devil’s Due is an upcoming horror movie all about unexpected pregnancy. I think you can guess the rest. Rosemary knows all about this baby, is what I’m saying. Thinkmodo built the kid you see here – it’s the company that made those zombies which went nuts in NYC a while back, when Dish dropped Walking Dead studio AMC – and you have to wonder what kind of insurance Thinkmodo’s carrying. Fire, flood, theft, sure, but what happens when someone’s granny keels over because a baby came hot from Hell, thirsting for blood? Got to hand it to that street cleaner, though; there’s a man with iron in his soul.

Devil’s Due will ravage the big screen January 17th.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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