“Ultimately it’s you who’ll determine our fate as a studio,” says Community Manager Abbie Heppe.

Respawn’s got a lot on the line with its mech-based multiplayer FPS Titanfall; the studio, founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella – the guys who got into hot water after leaving Infinity Ward – hasn’t yet announced a release date for its debut game. But Respawn isn’t about to keep its mouth shut, not when it can head out to, say, Australia and show off explosive goodness. Some of it you may have seen before, but – as Heppe knows full well – it’s you who’ll decide Respawn’s fate as a studio, so Respawn wants you to see as much as you can of its shooter.

“A minute to learn, a lifetime to master,” Heppe promises. “That’s the only way you reach a broad audience.” For those of you who’ve been hiding under a rock and not heard of this one before, you play as a rebel soldier in a far-off future, using giant mechs – the Titans – to put the hurt on your oppressors. The combination of tiny-tiny man and great big mech on the battlefield at the same time has proved challenging, but fun. “What’s cool is each map has areas for Titans and areas for Pilots, so you get these smaller maps built into the larger ones and all these cool pathways through them,” said Heppe back in July.

This is an Xbox One title – as Microsoft has been very keen to tell the world – as well as Xbox 360 and PC. It will probably make its debut in Q1 2014.

Source: EA Games Australia YouTube

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