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Scrap is few and far between in the brutal post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland 2, but there’s one easy in-game method that’s totally fair, and extremely profitable. Learn how to make those worthless broken weapon parts into a primo scrap source with our quick guide.

Wasteland 2 is back with an upgraded Director’s Cut that’ll reshape the Kickstarter success into an even better version of it’s former self. Coming out on PS4 and Xbox One, now the console crowd can experience the hardcore old-school RPG fun in updated form. The Director’s Cut promises improved graphics, more voice-acting, tons of bug fixes, re-balancing up the wazoo and tons of other changes. But one thing hasn’t changed — you need scrap, and we’re going to show you how to get it.

Broken Weapon Parts for Easy Scrap

In the Arizona Wasteland, you’ll eventually gain access to the Ranger Citadel. This is your home base for the first half of Wasteland 2 — it’s an awesome resource to have.

The Ranger Citadel opens after completing one of the first two quest areas; AG Center or Highpool. Return to the Citadel and enter the Armory — there’s a caged room where the requisitions officer is located.

Talk to Sergeant Tobias Nelson and exhaust his dialogue options until he requests Broken Weapon Parts. He’ll purchase these worthless objects for 15 scrap each.

To get parts, collect weapons dropped from dead enemies. All weapons can be converted into scrap; explosives, melee weapons, and guns.

Select the weapon and choose “Strip For Parts” — most of the time you’ll get Broken Weapon Parts. Sometimes you’ll get Weapon Mods to upgrade your guns or melee. These can also be sold for quick scrap.

How to Get Scrap – Step by Step

Follow these steps for quick scrap.

  • 1. Go to the Ranger Citadel Armory and talk to Sergeant Nelson in the Armory.
  • 2. Sell him Broken Weapon Parts for 15 Scrap each.
  • 3. Strip unneeded weapons for parts to get multiple Broken Weapon Parts. Complete quests and advance to find more guns and return to Nelson with Weapon Parts.
  • Early in the game, the easiest place to get extra weapons for scrap is the area south of the Ranger Citadel. Low-level enemies spawn here while exploring the map.

    Skip animal encounters and focus on human enemies. Most only take a bullet or two to kill as you level up, so it’s an easy source for broken weapon parts without exhausting your valuable ammo.

    For another easy source of scrap, purchase Dynamite from Corporal Sefors outside the Citadel. Strip the Dynamite for Broken Weapon Parts and you’ll make an easy profit re-selling the parts to Nelson.

    Kevin Thielenhaus is a freelance writer for The Escapist. Find him on Twitter here.

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