Epic and Chair Entertainment’s Shadow Complex has set the record for the most downloaded single-player game in Xbox Live Arcade history, Microsoft announced today.

Critics, apparently, aren’t the only people who love Shadow Complex. People who play games, you know, for fun also seem to be digging into Epic Games subsidiary Chair Entertainment’s modernization of the Metroid/Castlevania formula on Xbox Live Arcade. According to Microsoft, Shadow Complex was download 200,000 times in its first week on sale, making Shadow Complex the most downloaded single-player title in XBLA history.

“We’re really flattered by all the great things fans and critics have said about Shadow Complex,” Epic’s Mike Capps said. “Chair’s goal was to make a gorgeous game with tons of action, addictive challenges, and a great sense of exploration – and they knocked it out of the park.”

I have to wonder what exactly qualifies a game for such a record. Is Microsoft not counting games that have both single-player and multiplayer components? Oh well, I’m sure this record at least has more validity to it than whatever mumbo jumbo the Guinness Book of World Records is pushing these days. And Shadow Complex, as our very own Jordan Deam would say, is certainly deserving of its success, a “skilled revival of a dormant genre, a 2-D world of near limitless detail and, most importantly, one of the best games of the year to date.”

It’s sure nice to see people agreeing with reviewers – this is a luxury I assure you film critics would like to have in their industry.

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