Shadowgrounds Survivor, Frozenbyte’s follow-up to the surprisingly good 2006 alien killfest Shadowgrounds, is now available via digital distribution, with a full retail release to follow next month.

The game will tell the story of the last surviving humans of the Ganymede colony as they face a relentless and devastating alien onslaught. Shadowgrounds Survivor will bring back the dark atmosphere and intense gameplay of the original game, while adding new elements including sentry and armored Mech units, RPG elements, AGEIA PhysX and more.

“The time has come to show gamers what the incredibly talented developers at Frozenbyte have been working on,” said Jeff Giasson, Production Director at publisher Merdian4. “They’ve created an exceptional game that will keep players riveted to the edge of their seats, and will probably have them looking around dark corners for awhile. It’s an intense experience that puts old-school action back in the spotlight, combining the proven gameplay of the original Shadowgrounds with a new story, three playable characters, a highly improved visual engine and much more.”

Shadowgrounds Survivor is currently available on Steam, GamersGate and for $19.99, with the regular retail release scheduled for December 1. A preview of Shadowgrounds Survivor will be available at The Escapist next week.

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