A massive news update on the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter page reveals release date, collector’s edition information and DLC details.

Shadowun Returns, is a cyberpunk fantasy tactical role-playing game under development by Harebrained Schemes, an indie game publisher led by Jordan Weisman, the original creator of the Shadowrun tabletop role-playing game. As of writing, its Kickstarter has raised an impressive $1.8 million of its initial $400,000 goal, and Harebrained Schemes has posted a huge information dump on its Kickstarter page. Details revealed include the game’s release date (June), as well as information on the collector’s edition and future DLC.

The last chance to get the Shadowrun Returns collector’s edition is Sunday, April 28th. A breakdown of when backers and collector’s edition pre-orderers will get their rewards is as follows:

  • Your DIGITAL rewards (the game, the editor, the wallpaper, special ability, the soundtrack, the short story anthology PDF, etc) will all be available on the Harebrained Account Website on launch day.
  • Your PHYSICAL rewards (the t-shirts, the DocWagon cards, the hardcover short story anthology, the USB dog tags, the deluxe box edition (which contains a bunch of stuff), will ship about 3 weeks after launch day.
  • People who pre-ordered the Shadowrun Returns Deluxe and Collector’s Editions will get their digital and physical goodies in the same timeframe as above. (And will download their digital goodies from the Harebrained Account Website too.)
  • Early access to the Shadowrun Returns EDITOR will be available to eligible Backers at the end of April.
  • Backers eligible to have their photo turned into an NPC or CUSTOM PC have already been contacted and work has already begun!

The team released some pictures of the collector’s edition dog tags and DocWagon cards and they look pretty badass.

DLC plans for the game were also detailed:

  • Berlin Campaign (new campaigns also allow you to build with an expanded set of tiles)
  • Map Packs (new terrain tiles and props for you to use in your own campaigns)
  • All New Shadowrun Stories (created by HBS)
  • Additional Outfits and Portraits for your character

Backers and collector’s edition pre-orderers will get the Berlin Campaign at no charge. Any further DLC developed after launch will require payment.

The game will be available through Steam for PC, with pre-orders opening on April 29th. This means that the only way to get the collector’s edition is through Harebrained Schemes’ official website.

In complying with their promise that Shadowrun Returns will be completely DRM-free, a non-Steam version of the game will also be offered to every customer (because Steam is actually a form of DRM in itself). Unfortunately, the DRM-free version of the game will not have access to any DLC released for it.

Source: Kickstarter

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